رابطة الفينيستير
للثقافة العربية الإسلامية




In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful, the Association Finistérienne pour la Culture Arabo-Islamique welcomes you.

AFCAI, Halal control and certification.

The AFCAI (Association Finistérienne pour la Culture Arabo-Islamique) created on March 30, 1988 and reported in Finistère Sub prefecture under the number 5455, has a main purpose which is the promotion and development of initiatives to raise awareness of the Arab-Islamic culture (publication in the Official Journal on May 4, 1988).
It is charged of Halal supervising, production monitoring and control of poultry slaughter according to Islamic rites (Articles of Amendment published in the Official Journal October 25, 1995). Since its establishment, thanks to its knowledge of Islamic slaughter and Shariah (Islamic law) AFCAI certifies for major companies of the food industry. It also enjoys the confidence of the competent religious authorities of importing countries whether in Europe, in the Arab countries, in Asia, or in Africa, where the jurisdiction of the Association Finistérienne pour la Culture Arabo-Islamique is unanimously acknowledged.


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