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رابطة الفينيستير
للثقافة العربية الإسلامية

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AFCAI (L’Association Finistérienne pour la Culture Arabo-Islamique), was set up on March 30th, 1988 and registered at the Administrative Subdivision (Sous Préfecture) of  Finistère under number 5455, its main objective being the promotion and development of an introduction to Arab Islamic culture (re: Publication in the Journal Officiel of May 4th 1988).


It ensures the monitoring and follow-up of Halal production as well as the control of poultry slaughtering according to Islamic rites (for the change in status re: Journal Officiel of October 25th 1995).


Thanks to its knowledge of Islamic slaughter and Sharia (Islamic Law), AFCAI certifies the Halal production of large companies in the food processing industry. AFCAI certification has the confidence of competent religious authorities of many importing countries organizations in Europe, Arab countries, in Asia and in Africa where the competence of the Association Finistérienne pour la Culture Arabo-Islamique is recognized universally.



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