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رابطة الفينيستير
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Our slaughterers


The slaughterer’s qualities:

For the animal sacrifice to be lawful, the slaughterer must be a Muslim and can be of any Islamic trend. He must also be sensible. The animal sacrificed by someone with mental faculties’ failure or madness is not lawful. The slaughterer must know the Halal ritual slaughter and must be authorized by a religious organization approved by the Ministry of Agriculture on the proposal of the Ministry of Interior. The slaughterers are all members of AFCAI which ensures their training.

The slaughterer’s functions :

The slaughterer or the referent should start his activity by reciting the ritual prayer « Bismillah Allah Akbar ».
The prayer should be recited during each recovery after cessation or break. It must ensure that the animals were properly sacrificed according to religious precepts and in accordance with AFCAI’s specifications .

The slaughterer’s responsibilities :

The slaughterer, under the supervisor’s control and instruction, should check the blade height before slaughtering each batch to adjust the Halal slaughtering and control of each animal. If it is poorly done, he manually slaughters poultry which have escaped to the blade disc.

The slaughterer or supervisor shall stop the chain in case of a technical problem, remove the non-compliant Halal slaughter poultry and implement corrective actions. He must ensure that the manual or mechanical slaughter is compliant. For this,an input register of the non-Halal poultry is provided by AFCAI. The slaughterer must be placed at the slaughtering zone in order to immediately intervene to slaughter or correct any bad bleeding.



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